East Essex Sabres

As part of our commitment to raise the profile of American football in the U.K, we want to visit as many teams as possible to gain insight and promotion.

The Est Essex Sabres were the first team to come back to us for a visit. It was all very new to us and although we had an idea of what we wanted to do, we didn't really know what to expect. We were made to feel very welcome and the guys were happy for us to sit in on their session.

We took some great photos and we managed to get some interviews with Steve Davis, their photographer and press officer and Lee Joseph, their Head Coach. Both of those interviews will be available to listen to on episode one of our podcast. With these interviews, we learned first hand exactly what people at grass roots level face when trying to keep a team functioning throughout a season.

The Sabres are in their first season in the BAFA National Leagues, and we learned the trials they will face on keeping the team together and players involved. This was a great start to our journey as it really gave us a good insight and stepping stone for what needs to be done.

We learned very quickly that getting people involved is the most critical part of what we are doing and reaffirmed we are going to be of use. If we can help teams improve attendance at games, rookie days and events, it can bring sponsorship and in turn funding. With funding comes awareness and the more people aware of it will only improve the cycle further.

Episode one of our podcast will be available very soon for you to listen to, so please head on over and see what you think.

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