Hertfordshire Cheetahs

So, our third team visit was the Cheetahs third game of the season against the Bournemouth Bobcats.

Going into the game, the Cheetahs were on a pretty convincing 2-0 streak, so we knew some hard work had gone into the off season based on last season's results. We are always amazed at how teams can make people feel welcome, and that day was no different. We arrived early, to avoid any disruption, nearly 3 hours before kick off and we found that the majority of players were already there warming up. Even though we were early, we still had coaches and players come up and introduce themselves and point out who we should speak to and when.

We love seeing the level of commitment that is put into running an American football club in the UK, and specifically on a game day, we are still amazed. Clubs are run by individuals that love the club, the sport and the particular area they assist on, which can be photography, playing, catering, the list is almost endless. Seeing all of these people doing a job and helping makes us realise that there really is a massive future for this sport in the UK, we just need to get more people involved and they will be hooked. The Cheetahs are no different in that regard. They still rely on passionate individuals to make sure the kit is washed, the pitch is marked out, the equipment is all there, the games and training sessions are promoted on social media and more, and more, and more crucial tasks that keep everything ticking over.

The atmosphere was brilliant, being that close to the action and the players really does make you feel part of the game, something that you wouldn't expect unless you came down and saw it for yourself. As the Cheetahs were at home, we thought the momentum would be with them, and it was. There were a flurry of touchdowns in the first half and on each one we saw the brilliant brotherhood-like camaraderie that has brought them this far in the season (at the point of writing this, they are 5-0). All players got involved in the celebrations and it is easy to see why they had a good player retention from last season.

We would urge anyone thinking of going to a game to give it a go and speak to some of the coaches or players. They will be able to let you know how to get involved in the club, and when you can come down. Make sure you check out hertfordshirecheetahs.com for a full list of fixtures and training sessions, or check them out on social media, search for Hertfordshire Cheetahs online.

Thank you so much again to the team for having us down and making us feel so welcome, we really do appreciate it. Please check out the video of our visit, or the Cheetah's attempt at our Go Long challenge, all of which you can find here on the website. We wish them all the luck for the rest of the season and the coming campaigns, we'll be keeping an eye out.

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