Pumas on the pounce!

As you may have seen from our Game Day Live broadcast, we were invited down on the 4th June to Maidstone to see the Pumas take on the Hastings Conquerors. Both teams have not had the best start to the season, losing all of their opening games each. We knew that meant the game was going to be open, possibly high scoring, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some of the guys. Dominic Chase got in touch with us from the Pumas and wanted to make sure that people saw them for the up and coming team they are.

As always, we were made to feel very welcome. Players and coaches coming over to us and introducing themselves and letting us know who to speak to. Dominic had kindly arranged four players to speak to including himself, and they were lined up and ready to go. Again, we got some great insight from the guys, Ben Collier, Sean Barnard, John Peden and Dominic. Ranging from what it’s like to join as a rookie, to come from playing at university and what it’s been like keeping a group of players together after some difficult results, we hope the guys give you enough of a reason to get down to your local side and get involved.

You can see highlights of the interviews on our video, but the full chats will be played on episode 5 of our podcast, which is available to subscribe to on iTunes. Due to time restrictions, we didn’t manage to get our Go Long challenge in, but we will make sure we revisit the guys and get them involved.

The game was fantastic to watch, we can’t recommend enough getting out to see a game local to you, it really is a brilliant afternoon out.

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Thank you to the Maidstone Pumas for having us down and letting us have a chat with you on game day. You can find them on social media and at maidstonepumas.com to see how you can get involved in the area, and we wish them all the best of luck for the rest of the season.

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