Podcast: Episode 6

has arrived!

On this podcast we will be talking to Ellie Travis of Gridiron Strong, an injury rehab clinic focusing on the education surrounding looking after your body whilst playing American football. We will also be chatting with Dennis Moss who travelled across America visiting all NFL stadiums in one season! We'll talk to him about the experience and what we can expect from his new book, The Wrong Shaped Balls Tour. We also have more quizzical knowledge from Mark (not so much the rest of us), a small peek at the playoff picture in the BAFA and how you can get involved with our upcoming NFL Fantasy Football league.

Thanks for coming back to those who have listened before and welcome to those joining us for the first time. Feel free to leave us a review on iTunes, or any comments elsewhere. We are looking forward to bringing you more content soon so keep liking and sharing!

Listen to Episode 6 via Soundcloud

Listen to Episode 6 via our website

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