NFL Fantasy Draft!

It's that time of year again! We've had the draft, training camps are all underway and rookies are getting their first tastes of NFL preseason. It must be fantasy football time!

As you may of heard on episode 6 of the podcast, we will be running our own league this year. It will involve all of us, and we will be offering limited spots in our league to those who might fancy joining us. It is always good fun to get involved in a fantasy league and this one will be no different.

As the season progresses, we will offer updates regarding who is pushing for the playoffs, and who is at risk of falling short. If you fancy taking part in the Brit Blitz league this year, it's extremely simple to join. All you have to do is contact us via:

The Brit Blitz Website

The Brit Blitz Facebook


The Brit Blitz Email

Leave some contact details and we'll get back to you on joining the league. There may even be a trophy in it for the winner, and who doesn't love a shiny trophy eh?

It's easy to join, easy to play and with us in our league, probably even easier to win. Our draft is scheduled for Saturday 2nd September at 8pm, so final entries will need to be in by Friday 1st September at 8pm.

Mobile apps are available for both:




Spaces are limited, so get in as fast as you can! Good luck to all playing and enjoy!

For more information about NFL Fantasy Football click the image below:

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