Have you tried flag football?

The Brit Blitz team were invited to take part in a flag football training session by the Iceni Spears and this was not something we wanted to miss out on.

During our time with the Iceni Spears we took part in drills, got a better understanding of the sport and the tactics involved. The team were incredibly welcoming and within minutes of arrival we were kitted up and underway. The day was a big eye opener not only to our fitness levels but to how great flag football is.

We will soon be putting a full post out about our day which will also include a video showing how we got on as well as interviews with some of the team. We briefly touch on our experience with the Iceni Spears in our upcoming 7th edition of The Brit Blitz podcast however we will be discussing this in depth on episode 8. Please make sure to subscribe or follow our podcast on either iTunes or Soundcloud.

As a teaser though, here are some photo's from the day but, more is to come...

If you would like to get in contact with the Iceni Spears please contact them on their website, facebook or twitter.

We cannot recommend getting involved with a club near you enough. If you are not sure where your nearest flag football team is please search on the British American Football website.

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