Podcast: Episode 8

Episode 8 is now available to download!

Please do join us as we will be talking about our visit to train with the Iceni Spears, a women's flag football team in Norwich. We were definitely put through our paces, but we had a brilliant experience which we will go into more detail in a video and post we will be putting out soon.

We also chat about our trip to see the Miami Dolphins take on the New Orleans Saints at Wembley. What we got up to, who we met and what we thought of the day in general. We drank beer, and watched football. But we did give away some merchandise, which some of you gladly took and sported for us, so thank you.

This is the first time we have managed to get together for a few episodes, so things took a turn, but we think we managed to keep it together. But don't take our word for it, grab a beverage, put your feet up and listen to the latest episode now.

Unless you're driving...then just download it.

Thanks again for taking the time to listen to us and if you ever get a spare couple of minutes, please do let us know what you think by leaving us a review on iTunes or SoundCloud, or any of our social media, we would really appreciate it.

Listen to Episode 8 via Soundcloud

Listen to Episode 8 via our website

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