Flag Football with the Iceni Spears

Flag football was an unknown entity to us when we were looking at bringing you an insight into the game. We were trying to think of ways to make it relatable and make people want to get involved and show you how fun it was.

Which is when we were approached by the amazing ladies at the Iceni Spears to come down and give it a go. So we did. And we had one of the best days out ever. One sunny Sunday morning and some fantastic facilities later, we had tried our first flag football session.

Saying we were rookies to flag football was an understatement. We've never claimed that we are experts on football, we just want to get more people involved in the game in the UK as possible as fans of it. And as fans of it, we were buzzing to actually get involved and hopefully show you how fun it can be. Our inexperience didn't matter though, we were treated the same as all the other players, even if our ability wasn't quite up to scratch!

So we filmed it. We wanted to give you guys a first hand look at how amazing joining a team can be. We were made to feel so welcome by the Spears, we wish we really could join their team. We learned the basics of the game, put through our paces with some play specific drills and of course put all of that in practice in a game (even bagging a touchdown or two).

Flag football is a brilliant way to integrate yourself into the growing world of American football in the UK. Minimal outlay on equipment, brilliant team atmosphere and you will undoubtedly make some friends/family along the way. We urge you to speak to your local team and get involved, we promise you won't regret it.

You could also do a lot worse than joining the Iceni Spears, they are a brilliant bunch of ladies with a great coaching team. Thank you very much for letting us invade your training session. We urge anyone else to do the same.

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