Diamond Series is here!

If you have already listened to podcast 13 (I’m sure you have), you will have heard Sam and Justin chatting about the Diamond Series, which gives the opportunity to women from the Sapphire series to compete in 11 a side full contact games.

The first games of the 2018 series are being played this weekend (May 19th), first up is Heartlands Shock v Southern Blaze, followed by Southern Blaze v Northern Blizzard and finally Northern Blizzard v Heartlands shock.

The action is all taking place at the University of Derby Sports Centre, and entrance is free. So if you are interested to see what its all about and you are anywhere near Derby, get yourself down there.

The women taking part this weekend have already attended a number of training sessions in preparation for these games and its fair to say there is a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm from all involved.

Good luck to all three teams, it sounds like its going to be a fantastic day, with more to come in a couple of weeks time.

For more information go to https://m.facebook.com/BAFAWomen

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